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How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Band To Last You Years

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A wedding band is a piece that is a symbol of your union with your partner and is meant to last you a lifetime. While in most cases, the pieces may not be in the original condition they were when bought, you can always follow these simple rules to maintain them carefully and ensure that you enjoy your wedding band for the many years to come.

Do not go swimming with it

So you bought your piece from this fine jewellery shop and they guaranteed you that the setting you have chosen is the best for it. However, this does not mean that you can use the piece without consideration to external factors carelessly. Do not go swimming with your piece on. Swimming will shrink your fingers temporarily and it is very easy to lose the band in the water. If you are using a personal swimming pool, you might be able to recover the ring but if you went swimming in the sea or a lake with it on and you lost it, how will you find it?

Handle it sparingly

To purchase diamonds rings for sale on this page is easy, but to avoid touching it constantly out of admiration is hard. It may sound funny but it is the truth. Your stones are magnets for all kinds of dirt and grease that are parts of daily use. Touching the stone always will transfer even more dirt and grime on to it and it will lose its original sparkle. If you live in a humid climate, this is even more true therefore make sure that you touch is very sparsely.

Pay attention to the facets

The facets in the rock that you wear is the key to it being bright and attractive. These facets help the reflection of light, as in the entry and exit of light from the stone giving it that life-like sparkle. You will need to ensure that the facets are always well cleaned if you want to maintain the allure that the piece first had. You can get this maintenance done from your seller as well.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be both good and bad

Ultrasonic cleaners can clean your stones where no other technique can because sometimes you need some chemical and mechanical assistance to get rid of the dirt that has hardened onto the stone. But the vibrations caused by the machine during the cleaning process can also loosen the prongs and the setting of the piece and your stone could fall off. Make sure that the seller checks through after cleaning for any loose fittings so that you can have peace of mind knowing that the precious stone is safe.

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