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Tips To Improve Employee Retention In Your Company

Tips To Improve Employee Retention In Your Company

Are you face with the biggest issue that most companies are forced to face? Is employee retention an impossible task on your list too? Well, although it is a known fact that the employees are practically the backbone of the company, it is impossible to adhere to all their requests. Which may sometimes be outrageous. And thus you may be a victim of high levels of staff turnover!

Grievance Handling

Grievance handling is a very common topic that is generally not addressed to properly in most companies. But with the study of HR being more practical, it has been made evident that all grievances whether they are real or imaginary need to be addressed, that too with much empathy. Since, after all the employee is grieving and needs to be dealt with. Even if it is a personal grievance, the company must take the necessary actions to help the employee overcome the grievance.

Exit interviews

It is vital that you hold exit interviews for those employees who are leaving. As most often, employees who are leaving the company for good are not afraid to tell the true reason why they are leaving. It will not be a very important documentation for the future. But also serve as a solution to the reason as to why the turnover is high. So you need to conduct these exit interviews in complete discretion and keep the employee anonymous. Even if it is something as simple as serviced office Hong Kong you need to keep it confidential and only address the issue.


You will also need to ensure that all your staff is equally motivated. Whether they are heads of departments or janitors they need to be motivated to do their work. Only then will they perform to their optimum and stay back at the company. The motivators for different people differ. Generally, as Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs put it, people in the different stages of life have different needs and thus their motivators will differ. Money will most certainly not be the sole motivator. If you have a serviced office premises, then the common employees you share will not be entirely your piece of cake to worry about!


The work itself can be a factor for the workers to leave. In such a case, either the work can be made less strenuous by the introduction of a machine or a partner. Or it may be that the work is not something that is desirable and so the changes. Whatever, the case you need to always sign employee contracts forbidding the employee to leave without a notice of short as 3 months in the least. This will give you ample time to prepare to get a more suitable person to do the job!