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Why You Should Install A Solar Hot Water System In Your House?

Why You Should Install A Solar Hot Water System In Your House?

Nowadays, non-renewable energy sources are slowly becoming less popular and they are being replaced by more efficient methods of power generation. More home owners are choosing the long-term benefit of solar over the short-term cost of installation. If you live in a country such as Australia, where there is constant sunlight, you can benefit significantly from a solar powered heating system. Not only is it more efficient, it also has a long-term guarantee, so you can have it installed for a lifetime. While some people argue that solar is less powerful and may not fulfil all their electricity needs, solar hot water systems can be just as efficient in heating water than a normal geyser. In fact, a solar water heating system can heat the water with just a few hours of sunlight so you can have hot water for the entire day. The costs of a solar water heating system are also significantly lower than that of other solar panels.

If you analyse the total energy costs of your home, you’ll be surprised to see that the water heater uses the most electricity. In fact, geysers can use more than 50% of the entire electricity usage of a household. By simply installing a solar geyser, you can cut your electricity costs in half. If you are concerned that the water will not heat when there is no sunlight, then you should relax. Solar hot water systems often come with additional power source in case there is no sunlight. This power booster is only used when there is insufficient sunlight to heat the water. In any case, you’ll always have the hot water when you need it. Considering the fact that you’ll get a long-term warranty on your solar hot water system, you actually add value to your home when you install this system. 

After taking the installation costs into consideration, you’ll likely get your investment back after a couple of years and then you will begin to save every month with solar geysers. Another potential factor to consider is that the government may give certain rebates for houses that have best solar panels in Gold Coast installed. This adds to the cost saving benefits. Solar water heating systems are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged in a hailstorm, etc. Considering the fact that conventional geysers will have to be replaced before a solar geyser, you are likely to save even more with a solar geyser. With electricity costs expected to rise in the future, there’s no better time to shift towards solar. It is a great long-term investment and you will definitely see returns sooner than you think.